Client's Testimonials

Thank you Hope House for your love, support and kindness and especially your valuable health care advice. From the first moment you made me feel so taken care of that I just knew I was going to recover. Having been through years of depression and exhaustion and trying so many different allopathic options I finally came across your wonderful EFT programme. As a result I feel it has given me a new lease of life! I can honestly say I do not know where I would be today without the extraordinary sessions I have had with you all. Natural Therapies are the way forward for me from here on!

- Sally D

I am so grateful to have found you and your natural health treatments through a colleague’s recommendation. I have suffered from IBS and bloating symptoms for a long as I can remember. Years of pain killers and other medications have only served a temporary relief if any up until now. Through biofeedback and acupressure sessions over just 2 weeks I already know I am improving. Being informed of what the provoking factors are that aggravate my problems was remarkable as was the rest of the health care advice you gave me-invaluable. Your magic biofeedback machine was incredible in its accuracy and I must say I was amazed at some of the results it showed knowing that it was so accurate and fitting with what I have endured! I have learnt what to eat think and do to modify the negative patterns in my life. It has been absolutely astonishing, as when you have been suffering for as long as you can remember, only to find out that you could have been better years ago, it shocks. Your strategy is simple but works!

- Janet S

Having endured back pain from lifting a patient many moons ago I had resolved to painkillers-a regular friend, just to get through the day. After hearing about a Health Practitioner called Sue at the hospital offering natural health treatments I felt it was worth a try although I have to be honest I did not expect miracles! Well that I should have as my pain is nigh all but gone. I know that another couple of sessions will bring even more relief as each time I have been treated and given invaluable health care advice at HH I can immediately feel the improvement. Astonishing. Many many thanks.

- Juliet M

Before I discovered HH natural therapies I was desperate. I had tried so many remedies over the years and had been told that I would have to learn to live with my chronic pain. I guess I believed that as when you grind to a halt and have seemingly exhausted all avenues you go with that. Well after only two sessions with Sue with her comprehensive knowledge my back pain just went. I intend to follow her fabulous health care advice and keep up a monthly visit as my job potentially will send me back to the same issues!

- George M

I would just like to say a massive thank you for bringing me back to life! Really. I feel that as dramatic as it sounds. Your health coaches and natural therapies have turned my life around. Years of feeling low and depressed with regular tears and panic attacks had got worse. I think it was after about the third EFT session that I turned the corner and began to see light at the end of the tunnel! Life is now truly worth waking up to. Bless you all.

- Andrea C

Thank you Hilary for my gorgeous hot stone massage-a rare treat from my husband! It was the most relaxing and energising treatment I have ever had. You tell me that you regularly work on your horses the same way with this massage-well lucky them. Thank you also for your guidance and ongoing health care advice. I will be back.

- Sarah G

I wanted to write the minute I got home from my natural therapy treatment with you today as I feel so amazing! You told me that I would and that it would be life changing but I did not imagine the change. Acupressure like you said I think needs to be in everybody’s life. As you said it really absolutely does feel like you have changed my batteries! A great analogy. I will definably be coming back on a monthly basis as you recommended and am booking my husband also as he definitely could do with some new batteries!. Thank you once again.

- Abigail S

Sue you are amazing. Your energy is electrifying and as a result I felt better even before my treatment. Your positivity and knowledge of your field of natural health treatments is astonishing and so uplifting. I feel I could come along for another session and just sit there soaking up all that vitality and dynamism. Wow!

- Geoffrey B

Hello Sue. After being told by a colleague who also suffered headaches that you had said nobody should ever suffer headaches and hers have completely gone since seeing you I thought I would come along to your natural therapy centre. My headaches came daily and I’ve seen my GP over years, had tests and scans which have come up with nothing.  So I decided to give acupressure a go at your centre.  I thought I was going to be a hard nut to crack and that you wouldn’t be able to do the same for me? But hey ho you did and now off my daily regime of painkillers. Hooray! Can’t thank you enough.

- Mary C

I can fly!! Just wanted to write a quick thank to all of your health practitioners for the kindness they showed me and for the EFT and NLP that I have received with you since May.  After just 2 sessions I felt my whole mind-set changing from nervous anxiety to more confident. I came to you for anxiety for flying which had prevented me going abroad for the last 10 years. My Son now living in Australian prompted me to sort my head out! When you said have confidence this therapy is life changing and works and that several other clients had overcome their fear, I just though, bet they weren’t as terrified as I was! But it did work and it has now allowed me to live a less fearful existence and certainly book a flight to see my Son at Christmas. I will be recommending you to friends of mine as I know you will help them with their fears of spiders!!It will be their Birthday present from me.  An introduction for them into the world of natural health therapies. Thank you for enhancing my World!

- Aisha D

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