How many times have we been on a diet for weight loss, only to find that the minute we reach our goal we slide back into old patterns and see the weight pile back on?

Do you ever wonder if there is a forever programme that simply works and prevents this scenario? There actually is such a thing and the beauty is the therapy is simple.

We imagine that being overweight is linked to food and exercise?

Well it is actually all to do with our emotional state and as a result a hormone imbalance.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Hence, this is why Emotional Freedom Technique known more commonly as EFT is so successful in weight loss management. This procedure is a practice of psychological acupressure. It involves a simple process of working on certain energy meridians that were first used in ancient Chinese practices. It is based on the same energy meridians used in these ancient Chinese acupuncture practices, to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of the needle.

EFT became more well known in the early 1900’s by introduction from  the Founder Member Gary Craig-born April 13, 1940 in the US, a Stanford Engineer, Ordained Minister and NLP Master Practitioner.

He began to devise EFT as a “one stop protocol” that would cover a multitude of problems by virtue of the concept of total redundancy. He treated any emotional issues that were a problem such as fear of water. As more and more people heard of his success stories they sought out a health practitioner to help them with their own personal issues. This is when it became apparent that it is necessary to clear the emotional blockages from the mind in an attempt to resolve the need to use food as an emotional prop.

So using EFT techniques, working on and releasing blocked energies along the pathways that cause negative emotions, in turn allows the mind to discard these related negative emotions and implement positive changes.

It is hard to comprehend and recognise just how powerful the mind is and that it has total control over everything that happens to us, but it is indeed where the condition of our body begins!

When we are using specific diet programmes in an attempt to lose weight, we are usually making ourselves terribly miserable as it is obvious that the foods we have chosen to eat to date are not healthful choices. Choosing to implement some exercise however small, is not an exciting prospect for many? Maybe we hated P.E at school but were forced to do it?

Therefore, it is extremely exciting to see the power and results that EFT yields in altering these deep-rooted thought patterns that we carry with us undoubtedly since childhood.

Can you remember hearing some of these following words when you were small?

‘If you don’t clear your plate you will not be having dessert’?

‘If you behave yourself you can have an ice cream’?

‘If you are good whist we do the shopping-you can have a bag of sweets when we reach the checkout’?

Well sadly this is the cellular patterning that becomes impregnated in our young minds. These very statements lead us to remember these terribly inappropriate foods as the ‘comfort’ foods that we go to when we want to feel good about ourselves. They are our hugs? The mind recollects these memories when we hanker for same feeling of acceptance when we were being ‘a good, compliant child’.

This usually happens when we are going through tumultuous times, stress, broken relationships, loneliness, guild and grief?

It is during these challenging periods that we are looking for the rewards we received as children and so we go to the very things that we were rewarded with back then.

The answer lies in removal of this ‘patterning’ that has plagued us usually for many years, propelling us to make inappropriate choices not only in regard of food and weight management but in how we feel about ourselves.

EFT helps with any issue you wish to deal with

I have seen amazing success in the follows just to mention a few.

  • Weight Loss
  • Fear of Flying
  • Fear of Spiders
  • Fear of Water
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Lack of Confidence
  • OCD Patterns
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Can anyone remember being a child, and an adult run screaming from a room if there was a spider? If you were a tiny baby you may even have picked one up whilst you were crawling around and had a parent shake you upside down in an attempt to remove it from your mouth or prise it from your fingers.

This is where our learned pattern behaviour begins! We would have immediately whatever age, in the above scenarios have catalogued these actions and in the cells of our brains. Spiders are dangerous and are to be feared? If we only knew of this seriousness of actions such as these and the long term emotional issues they would cause, we may have handled the situation in more considerate ways.

Using this as an example, one can see how from very early on we are indeed programmed and as a result we may need to re-programme our impregnated cellular memory to clear out old dated incorrect behaviour patterns and replace with it with more positive and health promoting information.

EFT rocks this!!

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